Freedom In The American Revolution

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The American revolution was all about freedom and liberty. Characters throughout the story voice different opinions on their idea of freedom and liberty. During this fight for freedom and liberty, there were three main groups. Patriots(colonist against the king), Loyalists(colonist for the king), and the slaves. They all describe freedom and liberty in different ways. These are the ways they describe them. First, the Patriots. Their idea of freedom was to be free from the king and his rule. “My master and those he serves, the rebels, the congress were fighting for freedom from people like Lockton.” (Curzon 39.) This shows how the rebels want to be free from the Loyalists and those that the Loyalists serve, the king. The Loyalists view of freedom and liberty is the…show more content…
They wish for the Patriots to be wiped out practically, and have the king always rule. “We must kill their commander(George Washington).” (The Mayor 90). This shows how the Loyalists want the Patriots gone and for the king to rule, and not have these rebel “scum” be in the way of that. Finally, the slaves have a different, but sort of the same point of view as both of them. “As I sharpened, I imagined the knife to cut through the ropes that tied us to New York.” (Isabel 53). This shows how the the slaves want to be free from their masters, and live freely, just like everyone else.The Patriots idea of freedom drove them to take on the biggest, baddest, most terrifying army and the time. They had put up with the king for too long and wanted to cut their relationship with England. The Loyalist idea of freedom drove them to attack the colonist. This was because they were for the king and that is what the king wanted. He
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