French Revolution Dbq Essay

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During the French Revolution it changed many things and as well as people. Many people from the middle class struggled as the French Revolutionaries' were plotting some changes. In the French Revolution many causes happened like many unfair conditions, the Monarchy being thrown, and the ideas from the enlightenments. A cause for the revolution to start was that middle-class people start to struggle, unfair conditions, and document 1 it says, "the poor people seem very poor indeed." (document 1). In other words, many seem to have lost more than what they had to lose. They would complain how their lack of bread was terrible, also about their hard times they were going the documents it states how their conditions on land was so unfair and unequal. Therefore, in the 3rd estate their income went to taxes as in the first and second it was only a small amount that went to taxes, so they had more income. (document 2). Many from the 3rd estate demanded for 3 changes to be made. First of all, they wanted equally tax on land by all classes, the votes should be considered by the main one "the head", the last one was the king must be forced to reform the abuses and tyranny letter. (document 3). On the other hand, the monarchy was involved …show more content…

From the point of view, of Lord Acton he says, "the condition of France alone did not bring about the overthrown of the monarchy..." (document 5). What he said was that there was another cause for the monarchy to be overthrow, which was that the French people would complain how the Americans got their rights. Some examples would be that men have the right to speak freely, write, and say their thoughts and opinions. (document 8). In other words, men had the rights to live with freedom according to the declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen. Which also led to the French Revolution because they wanted their rights and freedom. Causes after causes led up to

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