French Revolution Thesis

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The French Revolution The French Revolution was the most important political change that occurred in Europe at the end of the eighteenth century. It was not only important for France, but also served as an example for other countries, where similar social conflicts broke out, against an anachronistic and oppressive regime, such as the monarchy. This revolution meant the triumph of a people (the bourgeoisie) oppressed and weary of injustices, the privileges of the feudal nobility and the absolutist state. During the reign of Louis (1643-1715), France was under the rule of an absolutist monarchy, the power of king and nobility was the basis of this regime, but in reality the state was in a Very precarious economic situation, Which was aggravated …show more content…

A few days after the assembly dictates the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, this proclamation became the synthesis of revolutionary ideas, based on three flags: equality, fraternity and freedom. They were interested in the freedom to trade, the defense of private property and the equality of citizens before the law. The 3rd of September of 1789, A moderate constitution was proclaimed, where the upper bourgeoisie had managed to prevail its ideals, to negotiate with the old regime, being in charge of the executive power the king (Louis XVI), the legislative power was exerted an assembly formed by the bourgeoisie And the judiciary, was composed of elected judges. It was established that only those who paid certain taxes could be voted on, and in this way it becomes evident that the equality flags proclaimed by the revolutionaries had certain …show more content…

To make better use of their control, the Jacobins formed alliances with the sans-culottes, and during 1793 an institution was set up to establish rigid control of opponents and to punish them harshly and to apply the death penalty to all those who did not Supported the republican system of government. This instrument was directed in person by Robespierre. It was about keeping their opponents dominated, through

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