Friar Lawrence Blamed In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the tragedy Romeo and Juliet by William Shakesphere there's a lot of blame to go around, and many characters can be blamed for the death of the two teens. From the pressure of marriage and total disregard for one's emotions to the irresponsibility of marrying the children's two mortal enemies, there are two characters who are the most responsible for the suicide of Juliet and her Romeo. The two characters that are the most responsible are Lord Capulet, and Friar Lawrence. The reasons that Lord Capulet is one of the characters is most responsible for the double suicide of Romeo and Juliet are both his kindness and his greed. First his kindness is when he lets Romeo stay at the party. He had no idea the boy's intentions, but trusted the …show more content…

First his lack of seriousness, this comes in the form of the sending of the letter to tell Romeo the plan. He just handed the letter to friar John, saying that it had to get to Romeo in Mantua, but he left out its urgency. So Friar John didn't leave immediately, he went to go get a friend to go with him this i ended up causing him to get stuck in verona. If Friar Lawrence had made it clear that this letter was urgent, and that it needed to be delivered immediately, Friar John would not have tarried. Because this letter was not delivered to Romeo, he had no idea of the plan that the Friar and Juliet made, though Romeo did not go to see the friar, Friar Lawrence is still the adult in this situation and should have made the importance of the letter clear. The second reason Friar Lawrence is one of the characters the most responsible for the double suicide of Romeo and Juliet is because married and condoned the meeting of the two children whos families are mortal enemies. He decided that marrying two children behind their parents' backs would become a virtue because it would end the fighting. This act was highly responsible, he even believed it was a terrible idea until the thought of an end to the fighting crossed his mind. These are two children acting under the impulse of what they believe is true love. But what would happen when the parents found out, they would most likely forbid Romeo and Juliet from seeing each other creating a larger divide and possibly more fighting for years until they learn to accept it. This is why Friar Lawrence is one of the characters most responsible of the double suicide of Romeo and

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