Is To Blame For The Death Of Friar Lawrence In 'Romeo And Juliet'

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Who’s is to blame for the various deaths in the play of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare? Friar Lawrence is to blame. Romeo and Juliet, teenage lovers, fell in love but their families hated each other. They got married in secret by Friar Lawrence. When Juliet didn’t want to married Paris, Friar Lawrence gave her poison to make her fate her death. Friar Lawrence is the reason why Juliet is dead because he gave her the poison and didn’t warn Romeo about his plan. In act 4, scene 1, line 93 Friar Lawrence says to Juliet “Take thou vial being in bed.” Friar Lawrence is giving Juliet the poison. Juliet does as he tells her. The result is Romeo ends up killing himself because he was not aware of Friar Lawrence 's plan with

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