Friar Lawrence Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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While a large percentage of characters can be seen as at fault, Romeo and Juliet ended tragically with the deaths of the main characters. The reason for the circumstances is Friar Lawrence, Romeo, and Juliet. Friar Lawrence's plan to reunite Romeo and Juliet went awry, leading to the tragic outcome. Romeo and Juliet's impulsive actions and poor communication also contributed to their ultimate demise. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet serves as a cautionary tale of the consequences of making hasty decisions without considering the consequences. Friar Lawrence influences Romeo and Juliet's death. This is because he is ignorant and was not prepared for the negative outcome of the plan he made for them. He thought the plan would reunite the two …show more content…

Juliet hated the fact that she had to marry someone she didn’t love so she was willing to take a chance on dying in order not to marry him. Friar Lawrence and Romeo should have known better than to try and deceive Juliet and her family. They should have been more aware of the consequences of their actions. In the end, their actions led to tragedy and heartbreak. Juliet was not blameless in the situation, but she was a victim of circumstances created by the two men. Her choices were limited, and she had no way of knowing the outcome of her decision. Ultimately, it was the actions of Friar Lawrence and Romeo that set the tragedy in motion. When Romeo thought she was dead he killed himself, so when she woke up next to his dead body she killed herself which was obviously not an intelligent idea. Juliet can be blamed for her role in the tragedy, as she was not completely blameless. Despite being a victim of circumstances, she still chose to take a risk and go along with Friar Lawrence's plan. She also chose to take her own life when she woke up next to Romeo's dead body, instead of trying to seek help or find a solution. Her rash decisions and lack of forethought led to a tragic outcome. Of course, she loved Romeo with all her heart which caused her to make a stupid decision. Juliet’s first foolish decision was to implement the plan early, which caused confusion and unexpected things. Balthasar a friend of Romeo's told Romeo that Juliet was supposedly “dead”. Some people say Juliet is to blame since Romeo fell in love with her. It is not because she didn’t make him or force him to fall in love. She died partially due to her

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