Friar Lawrence Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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There are many opinions on who is responsible for the tragic ending of the famous star-crossed lovers. The well-known Romeo and Juliet play by William Shakespear has a horrific ending. Some say all characters are to blame, while others say it's Juliet's parents fault, Nurse, Friar Lawrence, fate,or even Romeo and Juliet themselves. Two people in love cannot live without one another resulting in the deaths of them. The true people at fault for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet are Friar Lawrence and Lord Capulet. Many people believe that Romeo and Juliets own choices and actions were the primary cause of their tragic ending. Although Romeo and Juliet made choices that ultimately led to their deaths, the influence of others also played a significant …show more content…

He married Romeo and Juliet in secret without permission from the Capulets and Montagues. Although he may have believed that the marriage would bring peace between the two families, Friar Lawrence should have recognized that it was a risky decision. Another significant mistake that was made by Friar Lawrence was when he gave Juliet the potion without discussing the plan with the two lovers. Friar Lawrence should have talked to Juliet and Romeo together if he thought it was necessary to take this matter of action. Once again, this decision was both risky and not well thought out. Friar Lawrence was very selfish, which caused the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. In the tomb, he had gone in there and realized that Romeo was dead and Juliet was going to wake soon. As soon as she woke up, he didn't want her to see him so he said, “I hear some noise. Lady, come from that nest Of death, contagion, and unnatural sleep. A greater power than we can contradict Hath thwarted our intents. Come, come away”(pg.903). Juliet refuses to leave with Friar Lawrence and then Friar Lawrence leaves her alone with Romeo because he did not want to get in trouble. This was an act of selfishness and he should have known that it was not safe for Juliet to be left in the tomb alone with him. Juliet then tries to drink the rest of the poison that Romeo drank but it was empty so she took Romeo's dagger and stabbed

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