Future Dystopian Society In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury gives a glimpse of a future dystopian society. Guy Montag is a fireman who lives in this isolated society, where books are banned due to the fear of free thinking. And Fireman’s job is to burn any books that come in sight. People in this society are emotionless, they don’t read books or question about what is going on around them. Instead, they spend most of their time watching TV and listening to the radio. Government aspires a perfect society where individuals are not allowed to read books, have cultivated conversations or complex thoughts. Whoever fails to follow the rules or goes against them, eventually gets killed. Bradbury depicts a society in which books are burned as means to destroy knowledge. Fahrenheit 451 is mostly centered on the life of Guy Montag. Who at first was following all of the rules and being normal according to the society, but he changes after meeting Clarisse. He leaves his ignorance behind and starts questioning his surroundings. He also realizes that everyone around him, including his wife, are becoming ignorant as well as emotionless. After he sees a woman burning herself along with her books, his dissatisfaction with his life and a desire to know what is in those books increases. He eventually …show more content…

Through Clarisse, the unidentified woman, Mildred, and Beatty, we see the consequences of what happens when humans aren 't allowed to fully express their individuality and choice. Through the characters of Montag and Faber you can see how one individual can make a difference in society if they have their personal freedom and fully realize the importance of books, as well as willingness to fight for the opportunity, to express themselves, and most importantly have

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