Las Vegas Gambling Analysis

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If the thrill of gambling were really about winning, there would be too few gamblers to support the Vegas gambling industry. Everybody knows that the odds are predetermined to favor the house, and that people play the games for the rush, not the payoff. Bettors are many, winners are few. That's what makes it a reliably profitable business. Like insurance. The premiums for participating in the game outweigh the payouts the company makes as incentives to keep the players playing.

So how exciting would it be if, somebody devised a system that used simple math to win the card game? "Inspired by" the real-life story of the M.I.T. students who took Las Vegas casinos for millions, "21" has been reshaped to fit a simple movie story.

In "21," directed by Robert Luketic, the worst thing a gamester can be do is gambling. In the movie "Don't give in to your emotions," M.I.T. professor Micky Rosa tells his blackjack students. "Play the system." This is the perfect sentence to show that playing card is not gambling, it is doing math problems in order to win the system.
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Thus, the third number in the series is 1 = 1+0, the fourth number is 2 = 1+1, the fifth number is 3 = 2 + 1, etc. The next number on the cake would be 21=13+8, for Ben's 21st birthday. Clever, and "21" may refer to Blackjack or Ben's age. Ben will have to wait until he is 34 = 21+13 for his next "Fibonacci birthday”. One can define other Fibonacci Series by specifying different numbers in the first two slots. For example, the Fibonacci Series starting with "2, 5"
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