Gandhi And Mandela Make A Change Dbq Analysis

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Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mandela Make a Change Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Mandela, all had a vision of a world where equality was amongst the different races. The leaders decided to lead protests in favor of equality. This led to a lot of diversity between views. Violence broke out against the protesters but they were determined to fight for their beliefs. Peacefully protesting, completely avoiding violence, and accepting punishments, were all reasons these leaders’ movements could be considered successful today. Peacefully protesting for their rights, the leaders of these well-known movements decided to lead their campaigns in a friendly and non-violent manner. By following this tactic, they believed, would …show more content…

Gandhi got arrested for his protest, but got arrested with pride, for he had fought for what he believed was right. “I… did not feel the slightest hesitation in entering the prisoner’s box” (Doc 7). After the large movement Gandhi led, he was proud of what he had accomplished. Gandhi was not the only one arrested for this movement, but like Gandhi, everyone who was arrested was perfectly fine with spending their time in jail. “Everyone of us was firm in his resolution of passing his term in jail in perfect happiness and peace” (Doc 7). He was not treated like royalty there but he lived in happiness and peace because he knew he was arrested for a good motive.People wanted to get arrested because they knew that if they got arrested was because their movement had had a large effect. “People had rushed down to get arrested. No one had been frightened. No one had tried to resist arrest. Many Negroes had gone voluntarily to the sheriff’s office to see if their names were on the list, and were disappointed when they were not” (Doc 8). Getting arrested was like getting rewarded for their actions, so people got disappointed when they were not. Participating in these movements was a great privilege for

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