Gandhi Nonviolence Essay

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It takes a lot out of one person to gain power. Throughout history nonviolence has been proven to overcome violence including; Egypt, India and the USA. Many people think that violence will solve all problems. In fact the best way for the oppressed to gain power is by nonviolence.

Many people say that violence is never the answer. This is true, violence cannot solve people 's problems. Gandhi, a prominent leader, believed in civil disobedience as he stated in his letter to the British Officials in India. Gandhi writes “And the conviction is growing deeper and deeper in me that nothing but unadulterated non- violence can check the organised violence” (Gandhi). Gandhi truly and deeply believed that nonviolence is more pure and will overcome violence. Gandhi was both a civil rights activist and leader. This leader accomplished the most incredible events. The salt march, was one of the biggest events that Gandhi lead. The salt march was a march of the Indian people intended to end the purchase of salt from the British. The salt march was indeed an example of Gandhi leading people non violently. The march was a success, and the people used nonviolence to do it. Gandhi was an incredible and an inspiration on lots of people all around the world including civil rights …show more content…

This is another form of civil disobedience. A guy from the Egyptian revolution made a facebook page about a man murdered. The first day the page was posted 36,000 people joined the page. The page was not just popular in Egypt but it also was released worldwide. This page became the voice of the people for the people. The man who created the page states “ Itself as the voice of those who despised the deterioration of Egypt, particularly as far as human rights were concerned” (Ghonim). Social Media is another form of non- violence, and it does not cause more problems. Social media was able to risk awareness , perhaps even more than violence would

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