Gandhi Dbq Analysis

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Mohandas Gandhi was born in 1869 in the Indian coastal city. His family taught him to respect all religions and to believe that all living things are holy. Gandhi traveled to England to study law and after getting his degree returned to India. When Gandhi went back he saw that Indians were treated horribly by the British and they were forced to imitate them. Gandhi refused to live by this and believed people should live free of all class, wealth, and educational distinctions. He established a religious retreat where people could join him and purified his life. Gandhi felt that India’s self respect was tied to independence. Gandhi achieved his goal of gaining independence by civil disobedience, going to jail, and not seeing the British as the …show more content…

Gandhi constantly being put in jail for his peaceful protests causes people to recognize what he is trying to do for India and realize that he is unfairly being put in jail. Gandhi being thrown in jail also attracts more followers who want to follow in Gandhi’s footsteps. Even with Gandhi in jail, his followers still nonviolently protested against British rule. “Gandhi’s body is in jail but his soul is with you,” (Webb Miller, Doc B). Gandhi was not afraid or against going to jail. He saw it as a way to make him and his followers more independent. “I… did not feel the slightest hesitation in entering the prisoner's box… every one of us was firm in his resolution of passing his term in jail in perfect happiness and peace,” (M.K. Gandhi, Doc C). Gandhi not seeing the British as an enemy was another main reason why India was able to gain its …show more content…

Although, violently fighting the British may have eventually won India its independence, Gandhi choosing to be nonviolent caused India to learn how to do things on its own while still reaching its goal of actually being independent from the British significantly faster. Gandhi’s use of nonviolence was because he didn't want to hurt anyone, he just wanted India to be independent. Going to jail gained Gandhi attention, followers and respect, and lastly, Gandhi not seeing the British as his enemy contributed to a more peaceful way on how to gain India’s freedom. Gandhi doing this caused India to eventually gain it’s independence in

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