Gay Marriage And Same-Sex Marriage

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Matthew Feeler Political Science 101 M/W Byron 11/17/16 Midterm: Question 1 The 14th Amendment was created after the civil war in 1868 and the underlying premise of the amendment gives equal protection and rights to slaves. This main idea was obviously the cause of the civil war and gaining freedom from slaves. Although, another part of the Amendment was what is known as the “due process” in which citizens are granted rights to life, liberty, and property. A huge topic of controversy for years has been the idea of same-sex couples being able to marry, and recently in 2015 the supreme court ruled that same sex marriage is legal which to some was very surprising, although some believe that with the 14th amendment, this is a right that should have always been given to us. I believe that the 14th amendment expressed the rights to same-sex marriage to be legal underneath the due process clause. The ruling that gay marriage is to be legal in 2015 had come to an end, saying that under the 14th amendment it would be ruled unconstitutional to have gay marriage illegal. Now, this is extremely important because with marriage, you are granted many rights and benefits as a couple and supporters of gay marriage would say that equal protection means that there should also be equal access to civil benefits of marriage. Under the Bill of Rights, we as citizens are granted our enumerated rights that include the liberties expressed in the due process clause of the 14th amendment where it

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