Gender Equality In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

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In The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood allows and almost disturbs the readers to question if they are truly satisfied with their lives and the society they are living in, and conveys to the readers that our society needs change and improvement. People nowadays believe that gender equality is necessary since the topic is so often discussed. The fact that people believe in this shows how much progress our world has made. However, it is so easy for us to forget the real reason behind this general statement; Why do we truly need gender equality? This question is the background to Atwood’s main message and her opinion on women’s oppression. As Atwood builds the main character, Offred, to represent our contemporary world, she especially focuses …show more content…

Besides this message, the author also strongly proves that society’s oppression and inflexible mindset is the main factor that limits people in improving and thus leaving them with only one resource of happiness, the past. Now, this argument all ties back to the question in the beginning of this essay, “Why does our world truly need any equality?” People have to realize that the fight for gender equality is the biggest revolution that has been occurring for so many generations, as people cannot even trace back to the beginning of this fight. However, the reason behind this ridiculous length of the revolution is people’s misuse of memories and history. Instead of referring back to memories for happiness or satisfaction, people should move forward and improve their present lives in order to be satisfied. Instead of simply memorizing historical facts for meaningless reasons, people should learn from the past and not make the same mistakes our ancestors made. Therefore, it is time for modern people to have an open mindset for each and every unique human beings, and leave the conservative past behind, as past is past. If our current world, which is so developed, is mainly established by white males, think about how much better our world could be with every single person’s potential and uniqueness. This is why the world is desperately in need of

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