Gender Roles In Fairy Tales: Snow White And Rapunzel

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Unfortunately, the origin of the majority of these fairy tales started off with valuable life lessons. For example, in the Grimm brothers’ tale, which Disney has adapted its storylines from, Snow White and Rapunzel possess eerie undertones that accentuates the difficulties everyone faces in life (4). These original stories have actual meaning and substance, while Disney made some serious modifications in the storylines that results in the well known tales of today. Parents are reading to their children these santanized tales that misconstrue the true messages that were intended to tell and instead replaced the meaningfulness with bigotry and useless, false expectations. Fairy tales’ perception on gender roles affect women in more ways than…show more content…
Low self-esteem in young girls is rumored to stem not only from the roles they assume they must fulfill, but also due to the conventional image of a princess (5). Women are indirectly taught that in order to be considered beautiful there is certain criteria that must be meant. Princesses are depicted as skinny images of perfection, which alters girls perception on what and where true beauty stems from. In fairy tales when males speak of princesses it is simply for their great looks and very rarely for the smarts or kindness they possess. Descriptions of beauty in this light stifles the ambitions of young girls and damages the perception of others who may not conform to these stereotypes…show more content…
Disney has taken the well-intended morals out of tales with substance. In return Disney has offered relentless backlash towards the female race, making young girls everywhere self-conscious about what true beauty is. The youth are beginning to question the notion of beauty because they do not fit the stereotype of what they feel Disney is saying a princess is supposed to be. Looking at these tales as a standard of what love is supposed to be and what love should be is taking tolls on relationships. Marriages are failing and Disney is a prime suspect as to why. Women are growing impatient because the ideal of a prince charming is poisoning their brains with raw emotion and zero logic. This is due to the absurd love standards and no tie to reality. Fairy tales do not provide input for what happens following the happily ever after. Seeing the honeymoon phase is having detrimental effects on the self-esteem and self-image of these young couples. When things begin to go awry in a relationship people are unable to properly communicate their feelings because they have already shut down. Children spend their entire lives from birth on trying to distinguish right and wrong by observing others. Impressionable by genes, children formulate their opinions based on what they pick up from their surroundings. Stories spoken from parents stick like glue in the brains of
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