Gender Roles In Jamaicaaica Kincaid's Girl, By Jamaica Kincaid

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A wise woman once said, "The more a daughter knows about her mother 's life, the stronger the daughter" ( As any girl raised by their mother can attest, the relationship between a mother and her daughter is a learning experience. As young girls, you look up to you mother as your greatest role model and follow in their steps closely. In Jamaica Kincaid 's short story "Girl", a mother uses one single sentence in order to give her daughter motherly advice. Her advice is intended to help her daughter, but also to scold her at the same time. This mother is strong believer in domestic knowledge and believes that through this wisdom her daughter will be spared from a life of promiscuity or being, in her words, a "slut". Most importantly, it allows readers to see the detrimental measures of gender roles that are brought upon young girls just coming into womanhood. It is through the understood setting, constructive …show more content…

As one can see, many mothers in today 's society would not be nearly as picky and constructive as the mother within "Girl" written by Jamaica Kincaid. Young girls almost always look up first to their mother for guidance and instruction on how to be a woman. Although the advice used in this story was used to help the young girl, it was also used to scold her as well. The mother 's strong belief in a woman having domestic knowledge is what drives her to preach the life lessons of a good woman to her daughter. It is through these lessons that she hopes for her daughter to be respected within her own home and by her community as well. It is also through Kincaid 's use of her setting, constructive atmosphere, and one sentence structure that some readers can better understand the mother 's belief of how productivity will lead to a respected life. After reading "Girl" readers are now made more aware of the direct relation between domestic knowledge and strict gender roles being forced onto

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