Gender Roles In Puritan Society

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Looking back to the Puritan society, the equality between males and females is one of the most controversial faults of the time. The Puritan’s did not view males and females as equal. The Puritans thought of women to be not important in comparison to men. The authorities gave specific rules and expected the people to follow the rules, or they would be punished. In modern day American society, men and women have some of the same roles. Women have a different role today, they are seen just as important as men. The society has completely changed from when the Puritan society was dominant. The Puritan and American societies differ vastly; Puritan men were considered the head of the household, Puritan women were thought of as the weaker sex, but …show more content…

If they do not obey the specific rules they are severely punished, or sometimes killed. The women who do not obey the rules are seen as dangerous. The government is scared that the women who do not agree may act out and change the regulated roles. Punishment is a vital part of the Puritan society. The government contemplates in order to get people to follow the rules, extreme punishment needs to be enforced. Women are often hanged as a result of not following the roles given. The government likes how the roles apply to the people and do not want to change rules just because a few women do not agree. The government decided to punish women in order to ensure that nothing will change. “The husband is called the head of woman. It belongs to the head to rule and govern.”, this quote gives an example of just how much dominance the men have. Girls acquire how to act from their mother. The girls also learne how to act from their grandparents, even though grandparents are not very common in this era. The women simply clean, take care of the children, cook, and serve as spiritual leaders of their household. It is their responsibility to see that their family attends church every week. Attending church is mandatory and expected from everyone, in order to be accepted. The women were involuntary secondary to the men of this

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