Gene Forrester's Identity In John Knowles A Separate Peace

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Due to Gene Forrester's insecurity with his identity, John Knowles portrays him as conforming, afraid, and deceptive in the novel, A Separate Peace. During dinner at the Lepelliers, Gene analyzes Mrs. Lepellier's opinion of him, assuming that she thinks “'He's a good boy underneath'... 'a terrible temper, no self-control, but he's sorry, and he is a good boy underneath'” while Gene states that “Leper was closer to the truth”, with Leper accusing Gene of savagery (137). To obscure his true self, Gene provides a distorted identity towards others because he knows of the wrongdoings which negatively characterize him. By adding his commentary, Gene gives the reader the insight that he knows of his facade, and that he does nothing to persuade others

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