A Good Man Is Hard To Find Rhetorical Analysis

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Generacism Flannery O’Connor uses her profound and substantial words to unleash a deeper meaning within her writing “A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” Although there were numerous cultural conflicts amongst the story, racism is a very firmly expressed concern in the text due to the generational differences between the grandmother and the family. My grandmother, Mimi, is the most lovable woman to walk the Earth. However, due to her generational differences, it led her to believe an adopted black baby might be troubling to her family. Despite their personality variations and verbal behavior, my grandmother and the grandmother in “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” have been afflicted in tremendous ways by the surrounding society from their past. The grandmother in this story has a very judgmental personality. When it comes to race, she will say just about anything that comes to mind. Being that she grew up in a time when blacks were still slaves, she still refers to them as the people of her time did. Evidence of this can be found when the grandmother notices a black child on the car ride to Florida. As soon as she sees the boy, she asserts, “oh look at the cute little pickaninny!” (439). Following that explanation, the author clarifies that she points to not just any youth, but a negro boy. When this is said, the audience is given context clues that she is using a racist slang. Later in the story, the …show more content…

My grandmother has experienced things much different in her life now than she had as a child due to all the historical changes over the past sixty years. The grandmother in the story has also grown up with a society that is racist towards blacks. With that being said, the society one develops in can be a major factor in their personalities for the rest of their lives. What a world we live

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