Genesis And The World On The Turtle's Back Similarities

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CREATION MYTHS Who created us? That’s the real question, and it is in our nature to wonder about the human creation. It’s obvious we all want to know who created this world and more important who created humans? Many have tried to explain our real creation.All the explanations we could possibly imagine, fall in two different categories: scientific and religious. Both of them have an immense influence on people and their beliefs. In this essay I’m gonna look at the religious ones, and these types of explanations are called “Creation myths” because they have supernatural characters and not realistic events; two of the most popular ones are Genesis and The world on the Turtle’s Back. The World on the Turtle's Back tells us about the gods …show more content…

For example, in The world on the Turtle’s Back the creation occurs when the woman falls from the Sky–World and she starts the world from a seed she plants on the turtle’s shell. Meanwhile in Genesis the god created the world with his bare hands; and even though both are supernatural events we can easily see how they differ. Another difference is how the balance in the world is created, in Genesis like I explain before, God created everything so within his creations he made a balance in the world; it is not explained specifically how did he do it but it does say that there was a balance. In the other hand, we have The World on the Turtle’s Back the balance between evil and good it is represented by how the twins acted; their attitude, their creations and how their perspective of the world.That’s something that I like about TWTB, that it demonstrates that there will always be good and bad in our lives in order to keep a …show more content…

The Genesis myth represents the religious culture, they believe that God is the one and only and he created the world without any help, and that’s why they are so thankful with him; because he created life and Earth. Meanwhile the other one it represents the Native American culture, and we can see it because it talks a lot about nature, animals and their connection with the humans; and the Native Americans appreciated truly the nature and they always respected it. This difference of the culture impacts the way that the myth is written and told. This is why I think The World on the Turtle’s Back is more realistic, due to the fact it talks about the importance of nature in the human life, and we all know that without nature we wouldn’t survive for very long and I think that in a creation myth we need to remark the nature’s

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