George Orwell 1984 Privacy Analysis

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Privacy is something that should not be available to anyone else except our self’s. Author George Orwell, of the book 1984 let’s us know that a totalitarian government that has no respect for people’s privacy has a large impact on them. We the people do not like to be told that we are being watched since it leads them to want to break the rules that they must follow. This book lets us know how a government with too much control and too much accessibility to one’s privacy leads to people breaking the rules and regulations set for them. The book 1984, foreshadows how the future would be.
Consequently, the book 1984 lets us know how privacy is no longer ours and it has been accessible to anyone. The author George Orwell shows how privacy is being …show more content…

That’s my Tracker”,Peter page 66 ). However, I believe that being tracked down is not that much of an issue because they can track down any terrorist who are planning on attacking us. Internet surveillance is a large issue because most of us are not aware of this when we should be. Private information that they can acquire consists of what we are searching on the web, where we are located, when we buy items, and even when we wake up. “ If you want to avoid some surveillance, the best option is to use cash for prepaid cell phones that do not require identification” (Peter Maas, “That’s no phone. That’s my Tracker”, page 66). In the book they used ‘telescreens’ to spy on people. The ‘telescreens’ were everywhere, even hidden so well that you wouldn’t know if you were being watched or not, “There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment” ( 1984, George Orwell, page 3) this is one of the examples in the …show more content…

Also, this is similar to the cameras hidden on the car stop signs on huge intermissions. The author George Orwell lets us know that our privacy has been taken over by all this new technology that we have. Technology is one large factor in all of this. These cameras were owned by Big Brother. Big Brother had something called Thought Police. They were in charge of anyone who committed Though Crime. Thought Crime as the book calls, it is when an individual has any thoughts or unwanted feelings towards Big Brother. However, it was impossible to commit such a crime because you were being watched all the time. “The Thought Today’s world is similar to 1984 the book. We are being tracked most of the time by companies who want our information.
“The Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork, it was conceivable that ever they watched everybody all the time” (1984, George Orwell, page 3). The book explains how the thought police was a big weapon that Big Brother had and used occasionally. Winston, the main character falls into thought

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