Gilgamesh Vs Beowulf Essay

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From the battles and fame to their leadership and loyalty both epic heroes gilgamesh and beowulf display the common characteristics of an epic hero. All throughout their journeys both heros come across situations that make them show who they really are and what they believe in. Although certain aspects of their leadership, journeys and personal beliefs are similar the way they display themselves in their personal and public lives make many of their characteristics differ from one another. The leadership styles and qualities of each character helps to define who they are as a person and what they believe in. Beowulf was a great leader who was loved and respected by his people. He built them a mead hall showing his affection towards them and showing he is grateful to be their leader. These type of acts help show he is a leader of great compassion and honor. Gilgamesh is also a great leader of his country, but was not good to his people. He was smart and powerful and lead his country into prosperity. Although this is true he abused his people, taking advantage of the women and sending away their husbands to be killed off in battle. He was power hungry and controlling and didn 't know how to control himself. …show more content…

They both were seeking for something that was greater than themselves, something that would help them but both wanted something different. Beowulf looked for the best interest in his people and went to other nations to aid them in defeat of monsters or other terrors harming them. He was looking for fame and glory and did so by helping others and although this seems selfless in the end it was all to benefit himself. While beowulf helped others in his search for fame gilgamesh was only concerned with himself. In his journey gilgamesh grows bored with his life and decided to go and fight the monster humbaba, who was sent by the gods to watch over the cedar forests. He goes to fight the beast and finds himself unsatisfied with his victory leaving him wanting more. He later goes on a journey searching for immortality. This journey is purely motivated by the benefit he would receive and he was not concerned for the effect it may have on others. This shows a great difference in the twos journeys and motivation styles because of the intent behind

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