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Home and Belonging When the theme “home and belonging” is present in a novel, characters are developing a positive sense of who they are, and trying to feel that they are respected as a part of their family, in addition to their community. Harper Lee’s recently released novel, Go Set A Watchman, portrays Jean Louise’s homecoming to Maycomb after her being away for a considerable amount of time, so the idea of home and belonging is a vital one. The majority of the plot in the beginning of the story contains flashbacks to Jean Louise’s past, where, as she was growing up, Jean Louise felt out of place in Maycomb. In contrast to all the other “lady-like” women of the town, Jean Louise was a tomboy, due to spending most of her time with her brother and male neighbors. As a result of this, she fell back to those who accepted her for who she was-Atticus, Jem, Dill, and Calpurnia-to attain the sense of belonging she needed. …show more content…

When Go Set A Watchman takes place, years have passed since Jean Louise’s childhood in Maycomb. In New York, Jean Louise has not felt at home at all, since she isn’t used to living in a large, urban area. When she decides to return to Alabama to visit, Jean Louise discovers Jem has died, Dill has moved to Europe, Calpurnia has become very distant, and Atticus’ values have seemingly changed drastically. Jean Louise very quickly begins to disagree with Atticus and Calpurnia as she spends more time with them during her homecoming, and her sense of belonging in Maycomb nearly vanishes. Jean Louise feels very betrayed by those she loves, especially Atticus. Her father, who once fought for equality between blacks and whites, is now a supporter of

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