Good Vs. Evil In Dracula

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In Bram Stokers novel “Dracula” there’s a battle between good and evil. The good uses Christian references to ward off evil. This starts a holy war. Stoker’s novel is an obvious ‘good versus evil’ kind of story. We all know that Dracula is going to get defeated, but how? What will the other characters go through to defeat Dracula? The good start a holy war against the evil. Throughout the whole story there’s multiple conflicts between the good and the evil.
In the novel “Dracula” there’s a battle between the good and the evil, a holy war. The good uses many Christian references to prove that faith can win the holy war. In the beginning of the book the innkeeper gives Jonathan Harker a crucifix. The innkeeper said ‘For your mother’s sake.’ (pg. …show more content…

Dracula traps Jonathan Harker in his castle, but he finally escapes without the Count killing him. Dracula then sucks Lucys blood and turns her into a vampire. At this point everyone is against the bloodsucker. Since Lucy died, well turned into a vampire. Lucys friends have to stab her in the heart and cut off her head. Dracula gets to Mina, which is Jonathans wife. Dracula is going after everyone that is close to each other. The Szgany also has a few conflicts with the good characters of the story. He doesn’t deliver Jonathans letters to Mina and they help Dracula. The Szgany also killed Quincey P. Morris. All throughout the story there is conflicts between the good and the evil.
In Stokers novel it’s a battle between the good and the evil. The good defeat Dracula by using Christian references. All throughout the book is a holy war. The good believe that they can fight off the evil by believing that faith can win. They defeat Dracula by using a number of holy items. They use communion wafers, holy water, a crucifix, and more. Everyone has a conflict with the evil characters in the story. Dracula gets defeated in the end, we all knew this in the beginning because this is an obvious good versus evil kind of

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