Graduation Day By Maya Angelou Analysis

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Maya Angelou is an eighth grade student at Lafayette County Training School in Stamps, Arkansas. Lafayette is a school for African Americans only. Seniors in Stamps are preparing for graduation, while the lowerclassman are preparing for their next term coming. The graduating class at Stamps are absentminded by forgetting their supplies and textbooks at home, despite that, teachers are talking to the graduating students more and are looking at them like they are equal. Lafayette School was a huge downgrade compared to the White school nearby. Angelou notices the female students at Lafayette School are somber and joyless, while the males a Lafayette were more outgoing and friendly. Despite that, only a small amount of students from Lafayette will be going to college. On graduation day it was Angelou’s 12th birthday, she wore a dress her mom made. Angelou was excited to graduate and start her future. Angelou reflects on her years at school and she remembers all her academic achievements. Angelou talks about how she admired Henry Reed—who was class valedictorian. She admired how Reed was courteous and respectful to his elders and students. Two weeks prior to graduation were filled with a ton of activities. Underclassmen were prepping for the graduation while the minister preached the night before graduation. After the preacher …show more content…

She thanked God for allowing her to live, despite all the evil she has done in her life. Angelou’s Mom made a Sunday breakfast, despite it being Friday. Also, her Mom and Dad closed down the store specifically for her graduation. Despite Angelou feeling confident in her dress, when she gets to her school she felt indifferent about graduating. Once she saw her class she was reassured. After the Negro National Anthem she sat down in her chair and Angelou felt like something bad was going to happen, like as if somebody was going to make her classmates out to be

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