Greek Gods And Goddesses Research Paper

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The Greek Gods, and Goddesses had a weird and different way to live.They had a nice life.The best,and main Gods or Goddesses lived in Mount Olympus.First, it all started with Theogony,and Chaos were they were the first Greek Gods.Later after these two met Chaos became pregnant,and gave birth to Gaea,and Tartarus.They were just the beginning of the generations to become.Further on in history there were many great,and bad things in history.Just like Zeus he is a amazing god but even though they are greek gods some people don't think they are real.Most people in our society think that they are stories or legends from ancient greece.But some say they are real.Like people as y they are angles from Heaven that have come to help us.But other people say that for example Hades is the devil that has come from the underworld to destroy are world.Another thing about the Greek Gods that
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