Ancient Greek Gods And Goddesses

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There are numerous ancient Greek mythologies, which signifies the nature of Greek Gods and Goddesses. The purpose of these mythologies is to teach a lesson or used as an explanation to make sense of the impossible. They are also a great lesson to guide the human behaviour. The nature of Gods varies from one culture to the other. Gods, across all culture are often seen as the ultimate all powerful, all-knowing, divine, fair and kind figure. Unlike many other Gods, Greek Gods and Goddesses are unique in a sense they possess human like behaviour, such as anger, jealousy, seeking revenge, being vengeful. Al though they may appear as a divine figure, they often possess contradictory character traits, mostly human like behaviours. They get married, have kids, fall in love, they even fight over power and punish those who defies them. Hence, Greek Gods and Goddesses are more comprehensive because of their human like nature. The human like nature is what makes them more relatable to humans. However, these human like characteristics are rather problematic and destructive. Their immense ability to destroy often leads to exploitation of the power. This is visible throughout many of the Greek …show more content…

They often impose many of the character traits an ordinary human being would impose. Like many humans, they too act impulsively on jealousy, anger, selfishness and be vengeful towards those who fails to meet their expectations. More often than not, these human like nature and the exploitation of their immense power, leads to disaster. Their drastic vengeful nature is not only limited among them, it extends to the mortals too. Nonetheless, these characters are what make them unique and relatable to

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