Comparison Between Ancient Greek Culture And Modern Western Culture

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Ancient Greek culture is majorly influential in Western culture. Major works of literature, art, and political structure from ancient Greece remain relevant to modern Western society. However one can contrast these two societies by observing and valuing the art of ancient Greece. One can differentiate ancient Greek culture and modern Western culture by analyzing the treatment of religious figures, attitude towards emotion, and reaction towards nudity in each society. Ancient Greece was a polytheistic society. They associated each of their gods with a different aspect of life or nature. For example Zeus was the king of the gods, Athena was the goddess of wisdom, Dionysus was the god of wine, and the list goes on. The ancient Greeks erected massive temples to these gods for worship. Each god or goddess had his or her own temple for sacrifices or offerings. They Greeks believed sacrifice was necessary to appease the gods and keep everyday life fruitful and peaceful. The frieze of the …show more content…

While this shyness tends to be somewhat sexist in nature, insofar that men are able to show much more skin than women, no one today, regardless of biological sex, would show up to their local fitness centre completely nude to exercise. However a double standard remains in modern culture in regards to nudity. Nude figures are showcased for advertising purposes; female bodies with little clothing are often displayed on billboards and in commercials aired on television to sell products such as alcohol, clothing, and sporting entertainment. Yet women cannot go shirtless in everyday life. Particularly in the United States female breasts are considered as sexual organs (even though they are not classified scientifically as such) and many women resort to participating in natural human activities such as breast-feeding infants in public restroom stalls and other disgusting places, often for the sake of male peace of

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