How Did Culture Influence Ancient Greek Art

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Ancient Greek shaped the ideas of the what art should look like, and Greek culture plays such an important role of building the foundation of the western civilization. His ideas is absorbing, spreading and developing along with the conquered by Rome. Greece is kind of materialism, they barely believe the world in the mental, they prefer the world is all made by material instead. All the art work is the best example of Greece philosophy of life. The ideas of democracy, wisdom, religion is reflected in the Greek artwork, also represent the ancient people’s intelligence and creativity. The Greek sculptures reach the new height of beauty, not only because the mastery of the technique, but also the fascination of human body. Greek art uses the outer appearance to reflect the inner power, it is the representative pattern of western art. The myth inspires the creation of sculpture. The fantasy of nature and society and the admire of god’s shape and personality makes the sculpture more multiple and abundant. It is initiate the innovate art style and help the next generation that how to continued to shaped western art culture, such as Rome period and Renaissance period. Every sculpture is a story about gods, heroes, religions and culture in general, Rome even actually copies some of the art works just for showing his respect and love. Some of the sculptures we can see right now for the ancient greek, it is actually the copies during the Roman period. The timeless idealized art work

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