Importance Of Art Essay

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1.2 Statement of Significance
Art can do lots of things that can create powerful and great changes in ourselves. Artist is someone that is so hard to read if we fail to understand them to interpret the underlying meaning behind their painting because it is their getaway to express their emotions and desires to the community.
To accomplish this, the artists are communicating with the society by delivering their messages through their artworks. They do not communicate directly to the public by actually telling them verbally what they want to say and expect us to understand but instead they leave clues for us to find out what are they trying to convey from their works of art.
A lot of people fail to see the roles and the importance of art in …show more content…

This research was carried out not to only show awareness toward the society but also why people should take art seriously. Often times, we can see lots of people debating whether art is important or not. This happened because the lack of exposure and knowledge that has been taught to them.

Art can help to shape the society and affect the society to broaden their view of perspective in life by referring on the artworks because each work of art can give different meanings to life. That is to say, not everyone can relate to a specific work of art on everything but there are always plenty more of them for they to appreciate and relate to themselves.

Moreover, everything in this world is related to each other and art is one of them. Which proved the point that art is essential in building a successful country. The contributions of art are huge despite what people think of it. As an example, when the engineers finished their job in completing their new invention for a car, without a good design regardless how great is the quality of the car, it would not catch the public’s attention to buy it because they fail to create something that is powerful and

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