Importance Of Creativity Essay

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Creativity can be defined as the willingness to be courageous, adventurous, daring and to try new things. Creative people take risks and produce some of the best ideas. When designing and making, creative work is likely to bring about original knowledge which will incur risk taking. Innovation and risk taking are skills that are close together, everyone that knows it have to deal with creating something new everyday.
Being creative does not only involve the study of art, which is how it has been perceived through the years. Some people think that creativity is only involved in musicians, artists, singers, actresses, etc, its not like that. Creativity its an art, its really an art, even sometimes we don 't noticed it. We do need to be creative for everything in life. Creativity is the use of the imagination to enable the user to explore ways of solving problems, enquiring and thinking about their work. Giving a variety of …show more content…

So, must of them must help you to encourage your creativity. And not only in specific areas, I personally don 't think schools are doing enough to encourage the students creativity. There are many more arts and subjects schools should use to encourage creativity. Including physical subjects, like PE. And those results should improve in our society. Education and creativity have several benefits, and their fundamental for life.

In conclusion, the benefits of creativity are numerous. Raising students 's self esteem is a major part of teaching. When being creative student and teenager are neither right or wrong, many lessons have various outcomes depending on the culture and experiences of the teengaers in the class. Many lessons can successfully help in covering many aspects of the benefits associated with creativity. The teacher and teenager, all equally valued the experience and outcomes. All ideas were original and had a clear

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