Schools Kill Creativity Analysis

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Ken Robinson delivers a TED talk on “schools kill creativity” filmed in February 2006. The talk aims to challenge the education system and the fact that it has little emphasis on the creativity of individuals. Robinson notes that children should not only be made to pursue their studies but also follow their passions and their interests which lie in their talents. He refers to Picasso’s statement that every child is born an artist (6:05). Robinson urges the crowd to rethink the strategies they use to educate the world. The speaker quotes that people do not grow into creativity but out of it or rather educated out of it. Robinson asserts that education …show more content…

Be begins by giving jokes about his personal life which allows the audience to be in touch with him. He laughs at himself when he mentions that while growing up, having a degree equated to getting a job, which he did not want (12:23). In between the speech, he gives stories that allow the student to relate with him and also make him approachable. He has indeed swayed from the traditional lecturing in higher learning. It is evident that the audience is having fun from the laughter in the auditorium. Robinson clearly understands his skill and has perfected the art winning the audience without stuffing them with unnecessary, boring information. This rhetorical strategy is effective since it allows the audience to resonate with Robinson as a human being and view his message from his …show more content…

This story is convincing to the audience, and it enables them to look at Robinson’s talk with a critical mind and hence appreciate his assertion that indeed schools kill creativity. Robinson prompts the crowd to imagine further what it would be if they allowed children to explore their talents while still young. He mentions that the society is wary of making mistakes and the idea has been coined in the children’s minds that they grow up wishing to be experts and this shuts down their creativity( 5:21). Robinson provokes the crowd into thinking about William Shakespeare and makes a joke about his father shutting him down his style of speech since it was not clear to other people (7:28). The strategy is useful since it touches on people’s emotion and even allows them to imagine a way they would change their parenting

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