Spectra Of Birds Analysis

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In July, GOMA is throwing out one of their most interesting but serious exhibition. This exhibition is strongly outlining the contemporary society value, instead of presenting the artwork in the traditional way, those artist interrupt their own thoughts into some beautiful, some kind of structure that challenge the traditional way of thinking. Throughout the exhibition, it’s showing the ideas of what makes us to from our today’s society. What have we done to the environment and lead us into trouble? Are we still controlling by the societal structure? What is our identity/ gender role? There are so many messages hidden behind those artworks, communicating with us and the viewers. Therefore, this fantastic art exhibition is highly recommended…show more content…
She like to explore the materiality of different images. The artwork represents an abstract image of different species of Australian birds formed by the cartons. “…object suggesting the continual commodification of nature, a world gradually destroying itself, and the transformation of rubbish” in this context, environmental contingencies is her topic. There are so many researches shown the bird population across Queensland are dramatically decreasing because of air pollutions, over lumbering… Kelly uses the materiality of the images, using cartons to betray birds, suggesting the viewer that the bird population in Australia is declining and expressing in the present day, bird’s value are equal to a rubbish material. Is this what we really want? Furthermore, this artwork is so effective as a result, the world is dying because we are not taking the responsibility to protect the environment and lead us into this kind of terrible…show more content…
The artwork is to demonstrate the gender role of the artist. Back in the 1900s, patriarchal is the societal value. However, there are many activities women can’t do or involve because of the gender difference and gender stereotype, the old society thought female are weak, they should stay at home weaving, cooking and taking care their children. Consequently, some of the women developed some sort of desire to become a male base of their childhood experiences and society structure or even family pressure. Sometimes, people think that being a part of the LBGTQ is a shameful thing but Stewart is not afraid. This is her identity, being somebody isn’t you are even shameful, but facing your true self. Because we are living in an open society, forget about the patriarchal structure, no one will disagree or judge you for being who you are. Wherever you are, there always people who support
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