Literary Analysis Of Bird By Bird By Lamott

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One should never judge a book by its cover or its size but judge it after finished. I hear that everytime when I am refer a book to read. Bird by bird by Lamott was no expectation a book in which I thought would put me to sleep. How can a book about someone teaching how to write can be interesting? How can I be wrong when the book reminds me of a checkerboard game, which I enjoy to play. Unfortunately, my enjoyment for playing checker did not changed my mind about her book, not until I started to read. The cliche that shun people from judging new opportunity and new interaction to be unpleasant was right about this book because I have underestimated Bird by Bird. Bird by Bird shows through her stories that it is not easy to just seat and…show more content…
Which allows your mind to flow smoothly in all of your chaos because overthinking causes paralyzes .Later, will I learn the cliche quote and one word at at time will emulate throughout the book as she shares her stories and perspective of connecting writing life.
I was surprised that she made teaching how to write so painless to read. The way she write, entertained me and humor me in such a way that her writing technique became a technique I would like to master. Her uses of metaphors and smilies gave me a different perspective of writing through example of our daily life interaction and self talk. Bird by Bird taught me the purpose of writing, the freedom it allowed, the tools it give to uses in future papers, and lastly when to finish a paper. Through her childhood stories, I learnt that people that we expose to especially our parents and our
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Her teaching method on how to write through the uses of personal stories and sense of humor made reading less boring. Her method in breaking the chapter in her book base on main tips to be a better writer feel easier to accomplish on my own. A good writer must have an open and adaptable mind when sharing ones story. Also, pacing myself throughout the process of writing the paper will allow me to compartmentalize my thoughts on paper and ease the stress. I admire her relationship with her family, her son , and the people that she encounter as they play a role in craving her belief. After I finish I am to this conclusion, writing is like life in which aim to accomplish our task through all the chaos in our mind by approaching everything with an open mindset. With such openness nothing will change our destination instead our experiences will only encourage and remind us how valuable each lessons and how paying attention to everything will pay off at the end. Once you reach the destination filing with surge of excitement and relief because you made it to

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