Journal Response To Richard Wright's 'Black Boy'

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Lesson 8: Journal Response

I enjoyed reading Black Boy by Richard Wright because it was a touching story about the significant of books. In the story, Wright shares the story of the life-changing transformation books introduced into his life during a time of hardship. Books allowed him to change his perspective of life a feeling he describes as, “The impulse to dream had been slowly beaten out of me by experience. Now it surged up again and I hungered for books, new ways of looking and seeing. It was not a matter of believing or disbelieving what I read, but of feeling something new, of being affected by something that made the look of the world different.” I was able to connect with the story because like Wright, reading is one of my favorite pastimes. …show more content…

A substantial part of my childhood involved frequent visits to the public library. I remember how my mom and I would visit a serene and quiet library every Monday night at around 8:00 p.m. after we ate dinner. As a kid, I was free to roam in the library and wander through the towering bookshelves. After about an hour, I would conclude my visit by using my chin to support the tall stack of books in my arms. I am thankful for those experiences, since those books have contributed to a jovial childhood, and helped shape my perspective for life.

Like Wright, books have changed my own perspective on life. In this course, reading Man’s Search For Meaning, inspired me to believe that I can overcome odds, and made me realize how important the people in my life are and how precious every moment is. Reading Outliers changed my perspective on success and has encouraged me to consider everyday as a new opportunity to make a

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