Compare And Contrast Jablo Picasso And Joseph Beuys

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Picasso and Beuys Pablo Picasso is one of the most influential artist and main figure of cubism art. He was a very influential artist during his time and world renown I chose to research on him because of his character of being antagonistic towards people. The title of the piece of interest that I will talk about is Three Figures. According to the text the art piece is created using oil on canvas and was created on September 6, 1971. The piece has three figures and looks like the bodies are distorted. There is a woman in the left and a man on the right with the artist face between the middle. The piece is abstracted and brings different views on the figures in the same picture. This is a cubism piece and it emphasizes the flat, 2D surface and…show more content…
Joseph Beuys work was used to display social and political issues. Pablo Picasso’s work was used to display different styles he was worked in and worked in cubism. Cubism work emphasizes the flat and rejecting perspective. In his work Pablo Picasso wanted to show a distorted reality while Joseph Beuys was trying to show the injustice in reality. Joseph Beuys was a controversial figure according to The Art Story he had connections to the Nazi party and most of his work was very controversial itself. His controversial personality adds to his work as his controversy followed his work. Pablo Picasso’s work never was controversial and was used to display personal experiences. Both artist works are from personal experience and try to show social ideas. Joseph Beuys personal experiences were in different art periods and different times but both artist used personal experience to address universal artist ideas. Both artist revolutionized art movements and ideas as Pablo Picasso added new styles to cubism and added a major contribution to modern art similar to Joseph Beuys

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