Norman Rockwell Research Paper

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There are many artists who have contributed to the art world. Some have accomplished more than others, learning science, math, and engineering along with their art profession. Some artists were dyslexic, never able to write an essay but posses the ability to draw beautifully. All of these artists are amazing at their profession, none of them any better than the others. This is why one can’t judge artists based on their skill alone, both style and popularity affect their work. Normal Rockwell was born in New York City on February 3rd, 1894. His childhood was normal; during his elementary years he found he was particularly good at art. At the age of fourteen he was accepted into Chase Art School and stayed there before going to the National …show more content…

The impressive thing about these artists is their ability to use their art in different ways. To raise awareness, to advertise, political statements, etc. Their works meant so much to many people, even Rosalynn Carter, the first lady, attended Norman Rockwell’s funeral. The difference between these artists is shown in their style and their popularity. The name Norman Rockwell is unfamiliar to many, including myself, but nearly everyone has heard of Andy Warhol. It’s strange, for someone has as active in politics as Rockwell, to be less known than Warhol. Both of these artists made ‘controversial’ pieces, but only one of them got the attention of the public. At the name, Rockwell was extraordinarily famous, but Warhol’s name is still used today. Their style may play a role in this phenomenon. Rockwell’s style is detailed paintings that have strong political statements. Warhol’s, on the other hand, is pop art. His statements are political, but in a general sense. While Rockwell tackled issues such as racism and war, Warhol talked about man v. nature and man v. government, although his most popular works were advertisements with little

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