Comparing The Art Of Paul Cezanne And Pierre Auguste Renoir

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' 'work of art which did not begin In emotion is not art’’(Paul Cezanne).Every one of this world has been created uniquely.This is similar to the artist of the 19th century including Paul Cezanne(1839-1906) and Pierre Auguste Renoir(1842-1919).Both are from French.In addition Paul, Cezanne was a shy, rude and angry man.His new ideas and intense style of painting changed the history of art so, he is known as the father of modern art (Zurarakhinsky 2018)On the other hand, Pierre Auguste Renoir had a pleasant personality and he painted many paintings demonstrating joyful scenario( 2016).In spite of rheumatoid arthritis, he devoted himself in painting till the end of life( 2016)though they had committed their whole life to painting, their art movements,subject matter of painting and influences has seemed totally opposite to each other but still, both loved to paint portraits and nude women.

One obvious difference is work movements.Paul Cezanne is famous as a post-impressionist artist, as well as the creator of abstract art known as cubism.In contrast, although Auguste Renoir was an artist of the same era, his work has renowned for Impressionism.Ekrisson (2013)reveals that Paul Cezanne was the artist who led the post impressionism,By the way, he used harmonious color, short and repetitive brush strokes, and capacity to give personal expression in paintings .furthermore, Cezanne felt to depict subjects in geometrical forms, in the third

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