Frederic Remington's Accomplishments

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All literature writers have their own style of writing and works that cause their fame; however, few literary writers write their books with the purpose to illustrate a region of their country. Frederic Remington was a writer who did that. Reared in the North, he painted and wrote about the West. Schoolwork was always secondary to his desire to draw and use his imagination. Creating life in the West as a new subject in the art world was his lifelong goal. Remington had a life that was influential to his works. Born to Seth and Clara Remington in 1861, he grew up in Canton, New York. Once he graduated high school, he decided that he wanted to attend Cornell College to pursue a career in Journalism; however, he actually went to Yale University, …show more content…

He did not acquire much skill or help from his college classes because he dropped out early in the course; nevertheless, he taught himself all of the skills that helped him to achieve his fame. One of his philosophies was that the subject matter of a painting was more important than any other detail, such as the technique, and it was crucial to have a solid, foundational subject that centered on fact, rather than beauty. He was a perfectionist who wanted all details to have depth and preciseness. His sculptures focused on very meticulous details, and he liked them for their durability to time. One of the main techniques in his paintings was simplicity. Although the characteristics of the art had detail, the subject focused on the simplicity of life in the West. Having a horse sculpture stand on one leg was one of his well-known accomplishments. After many years of going from failure to success, he finally received an honorary degree from Yale. Even though he did not graduate from Yale, he still had years of experience and so he had something to show for it. Two of the main themes in his paintings were the struggle and the horse. The horse was the symbol of the West and the struggle was a symbol for the battles between man and animals, such as a buffalo hunt, or between man and nature, such as a violent storm. Another notable detail in his art was a picture of horses at full gallop, whereas artists beforehand painted horses at rest. He even painted humanity, but since the times changed, so did society; therefore, he began to focus on the unchanging pictures of nature. The influence by Impressionism was also a reason why his style started to gradually change, so he focused more on the details to make them more realistic. His scenery and style changed, but it always came back to life of the

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