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Truman Capote, was an artist, novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and also a playwright. Truman Capote, whose biological name was Truman Streckus Pearson was one of the innumerable conspicuous writers during the 90th century. Capote novel titled (OTHER VOICES OTHER ROOMS), was his first published novel in the Mid 1900s under furtherance granted by Random House. Capote was an ideal and respected icon in the literature industry. He influenced many individuals through his compositions and creative brilliancy of skill.

Truman Capote, was born in New Orleans to Lillie Moe Faulk and Archulus Pearson. Although Capote was awesome at writing novels and short stories he wasn't a college graduate. Capote attended several state schools …show more content…

Capote differentiated on many different styles and or genres of writing. From non-fiction to simple stories, novels and plays. During the time frame in which Capote was alive being gay wasn't much of an issue. He was openly about being gay and many individuals saw him a public figure. He was a courageous and motivational being about his sexuality and whom he as an individual, although there isn't any scenario or documentation of him being in a relationship with a man. At the age of 10 Capote received the prestigious mobile press register short story award. Even when he was just a boy he was making and influential change. Other critics and scholars saw him as flamboyant and would argue and exclaimed that he is an icon of modern popular culture. Truman Capote was understood and saw for the world in which he created the society he formed the lives, souls and bodies he touched. He was an awesome and a fantastic role model to society. He would go to different place so he could better understand the lives of the people and comprehend on what may be happening in their daily lives. This steered him and gave him a sense of what to write about in his next novel or short

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