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In the movie The Truman Show, the idea is presented of a world similar to that experienced by Descartes. It shows the qualities that were relevant to Descartes’ development of knowledge and how he proved that the world existed, and how it allowed Truman to find the world around. Once Truman was able to prove that he existed, and that the evil genius did not, he was then able to see Christof in a more dual role as both the Evil Genius and God on his quest to finding out who he truly is. In The Truman Show there is a character named Truman Burbanks(?) who is unknowingly unaware of the world around, and if there really even is a world. At the beginning of the film when a light falls from the “world,” which is really just the stage, but he doesn’t know that yet. The light falling raises some methodological doubt in his mind, which causes him to, although not right away, to start subtly question the world around him. As was shown in The Meditations skepticism is met with doubt from the opposition. But first, a little background information on Truman Burbanks, Truman is an insurance agent who lives in a peaceful little quaint (and made up) town known as Seahaven Island. Truman does …show more content…

As Truman goes in search of his knowledge by exploring the world first by sea, and undergoes some bumpy seas and turbulence, but he still manages to reach the end of the “sea,” which is really just the end of the stage (The Truman Show?). As Truman approaches the end of the sea he manages to hit a wall, and after that he examines it and he comes across a set of stairs and he follows them and they lead to an exit door, at this point Christof comes over the speaker and he proves that there is a creator (God) and that he does truly in fact exist. Once Truman proves that God exists he then proves that there is a world, and it does

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