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Don Quixote it’s one of the most gallant heroes in all history, a dreamer who fights against everyone or everything to remain faithful to his noble cause. The death of Don Quixote is the tragic end of his perfect and idealist world. When Don Quixote first sets off as a knight, he wanted to revive the past glories of chivalry to imitate the deeds of famous knights especially Amadis of Gaul. Accomplish this dream was his desire to be seen as a knight in shining armor, a hero who redress injustices, and protected everyone that need it his help as; damsels, orphans, and widows. The trouble is that Don Quixote was following an impossible vision because the knights were ultra-human juveniles. Unlike Don Quixote who was from distant times and place, a contemporary with of 50 years, a low nobly born from the barren deserts of La Mancha in Spain. Resulting in his chivalrous adventures to become a parody and ademystification of those found in books of bravery and chivalry. Don Quixote became famous, but for all the wrong reasons, mostly for the comedic in his misadventures …show more content…

However the valiant especially the kind found on epic poetry or romances were not seen in the stories of Don Quixote and Pancho. But what was seen was laughter and humor, and in those times humor was seen as a matter undermined by aristocracy. Don Quixote obviously wants to be taken seriously but people only laughed at him, or at best express shock that a crazy man could have rational thinking andconversations. The laughter in the Quixote adventures takes many forms like the humorous bit of bodily functions of Sancho suffering from vomiting and/or diarrhea. At a moment Cervantes wrote that edifying the therapeutic nature of laughter was extensively recognized in the widespread of lower members of society but did not shared the same view in the of the nobles of the

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