Art Integration Essay

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Visual and performing arts tend to act as separate entities within the field of education; considerably isolated from the majority of academia, these sectors are often considered to be secondary or elective options after completing primary education. The arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education, however, when an institute begins a budgeting process, the arts are rarely considered a top priority. For example, during periods of recession many public schools within the United Stated were forced to cut visual, performing and musical arts programs, despite studies that proved the exposure to the arts to be beneficial for students both academically and in extracurricular activities.
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The lack of arts integration is preventing an increased knowledge and skill of multiple content areas. Art integration elevates learning by linking disciplines while developing related skills and deeper understanding of the arts. Arts integration creates a level of personal connection and insight through a creative, inquiry-based process that would not be obtained using a single-discipline …show more content…

A team approach for planning, implementing, participating in, and assessing arts integration programs is a critical factor in ensuring success.
Arts integration supports authentic experiences, which engages and motivates students to achieve academic excellence. The arts component provides students with multiple modes of learning and understanding. Arts integration intensifies academic rigor as students engage problem-solving skills to draw connections across disciplines and demonstrate competency through creative

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