How Did Zeus Influence The Greek Gods And Goddesses

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In Greece the Greeks looked up to the gods and goddesses of the Greek culture. The gods and goddesses were the rulers of Greece and had the most power. They over saw everything the humans would do whether it being barbaric or civilized. There were a number of Greek gods and goddesses, but some over powered others. They fought in many wars and helped humans accomplish many different activities in order for them to survive. They were also said to bring the good and the evil to the Greek people. One god that over powered all other gods and goddesses was Zeus. He played many roles in the Greek community and helped out in many ways. Although Zeus is best known as the leader of all gods, he is also known for his mythical influence on the modern day…show more content…
He was the main god and leader of the gods in Olympus he was also the overseer of everything that happened on Earth and everyone's destiny. Even though Zeus was just the leader of the gods and goddesses the humans saw him as their leader as well because he was in control of most things in Greece. Zeus was the father of some gods but he had other gods as family members. ("Zeus". Myths and Legends of the World) He was seen as a king and was the most powerful immortal yet he can not change other peoples fate. ("The Gods of Olympus". Arts and Humanities Through the Eras 294-307) Zeus would sit in Mount Olympus and look down at all of the humans. Everyone except his enemies had great respect for Zeus. Many people knew not to go against Zeus because anyone who did would suffer great consequences. Zeus believed in punishments and paying for the wrongs one has done. ("Greek Mythology's Enormous Legacy". Greek Mythology 84-100) Although Zeus is mainly remembered as being the leader of all gods some of his actions had a mythical influence on the modern day…show more content…
His acts of heroism started at a very young age. Zeus' first challenge was against his own father, Cronus. Cronus was a titian and was always scared to be over thrown by his children so he ate all of them. Zeus was the only child Cronus was not able to swallow. Zeus' mother Rhea hid him on an island before Cronus found out the she had a sixth child. On the island Zeus was raised and taken care of by nymphs of the sea. When Zeus got older and matured he decided to over throw his father. He wanted to over throw his father to take revenge for swallowing his brothers and sisters. Zeus also wanted to overthrow Cronus to take charge and become powerful. He become friends with a titaness or nymph Metis. Metis made a potion to make Cronus sick. Both friends Zeus and Metis tricked Cronus into drinking the potion, when he drank it he threw up Zeus' five siblings. The six siblings decided to over and over throw not only their father but the other titans as well. The siblings and three hundred armed giants fought the titans to overcome them. After ten long years of fighting, the titans lost and Zeus sent all the people who were against him to Tartarus. ("Zeus." Myths and Legends of the World.) When the gods and goddesses won the war they chose to stay at Mount Olympus, that is why they are known as Olympians. Winning the war against the titans got Zeus' tittle as being a hero. The titans were greedy

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