Hermes In Ancient Egypt

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In Egypt Hermes was identified as the god of wisdom and the scribe of all gods.
Hermes was the son of Zeus and nymph of Maia. Hermes lived on mount Cyllene located in
Arcadia. In several occasions Hermes was identified as a thief. Hermes was the messenger of
Zeus, guide of dead souls to the underworld and is the god of trade, travel, theft, sport and athletes. The messenger god is a master thief. One of hermes myths describes a time when he stole cows from Apollo, “ Hermes stole 50 sacred cows from Apollo’s herdhe did the theft by forcing the cows to walk backwards in order to produce reversed tracks” (“ Hermes the thief”).
For that reason, hermes discovered how to light a fire, sacrificing two cows. Apollo knew who the thief was dispise all the tricks. Hermes then …show more content…

Hermes acts as protector and a messenger, “ The cave of Hermes was a passageway to the netherworld...
As messenger of the underground realms, Hermes is often appealed to in curse tablets, or defixions, together with Hades and Persephone. Hermes was sometimes considered an inferior or servant god” (“e.g., Odysseus in Homer, Odyssey 10.275–306”). Hermes was presented for
Calvo 2 giving help to the humans or the demi gods. In addition, he has helped kill medusa and has given his winged sandals to individuals to save their loved ones.
In conclusion, Hermes has been part of many other myths showing how much of a help he is to those who were in need of assistance. He was the protector of travelers, thieves, and athletes. With the ability to move between two worlds he interacted with humans. Also, he was known to help the souls into the afterlife. After all the help that hermes has provided the gods, they are grateful for his actions.
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