Parthena's Influence On Greek Gods And Goddesses

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Though Greek mythology has been present since the ancient era of Greece, our generation still muses over Athena’s influential character and values we all desire. Zeus, who ruled on Mount Olympus, is the father of Athena. Athena is the goddess of many important factors and characteristics we all desire. Athena was a skilled warrior in battle, and she has heroically helped fellow gods in combat to defeat evil. However, Athena is known for being a compassionate and generous goddess, who fights for just reasons. Throughout the years, many gods and goddesses have been forgotten, however, Athena will never be forgotten because of her compassionate heart and heroic figure. Athena was born in a very unique way, through Zeus’ forehead. Zeus came to …show more content…

Medusa lived in Athens, Greece and was a beautiful young woman who obeyed her gods and goddesses. However, Medusa was very narcissistic and filled with conceit because she thought she was the most beautiful woman who ever walked the planet. One day, Medusa and her friends went to the Parthenon which was Athena’s temple. Many statues of gods and goddesses are admired in the Parthenon, but Medusa was so full of herself that she went up to the altar and disrespected Athena. Everyone was dismayed by Medusa’s selfish comments and left, all except Medusa. Medusa was staring at herself in the shiny brass doors that she did not realize she was the only one left in the Parthenon. Athena quickly approached Medusa and scolded Medusa for calling her unattractive. Athena cursed Medusa with a body resembling a snake, as well as hair filled with snakes. Athena sent Medusa, and her head of snakes, to live with the horrid monsters at the end of earth because if she looked at someone, they would turn to stone. Beauty will not last forever and selflessness is much more attractive than

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