How Hercules Represent Greek Culture

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The movie Hercules represented the Greek’s culture very well. It included many different Greek’s beliefs and art. The Greek’s culture is very detailed in the movie and they mentioned many famous art and stories. They perfectly described the plot and they visually did great. The movie Hercules is about a true hero and his victories.
The movie started out with the son of Zeus and Hera, who got turned half-mortal because of his evil uncle, Hades. His name was Hercules and he was raised by two mortals who found him lying on the ground on a random night. On Earth, he had amazing strength and was quite different from others. He soon later found out that he was actually half god and wanted to return to Mt. Olympus, but Zeus told him …show more content…

In the movie, they played a huge role. They all represented their abilities and power very well in the movie. Zeus is the father of Hercules and husband of Hera. He is the god of the sky and the ruler of all the Olympian gods. He was known for imprisoning the Titans. Since Zeus is the god of the sky, his emotions affects the weather and the sky. For example, when he got angry, the sky started to have lightning and thunder (11:20-11:26). As for Hades, he is the god of the underworld is the total different from his brother. He is very evil and jealous of Zeus (6:14-6:50), he had an evil plan to take over sky. In the scene where Hercules was fighting Hades, he was on a three headed dog. Hades is known for owning a three headed dog as a pet (1:20:25-1:20:30). Cupid is the symbol for love, and he was very well known for shooting an arrow at someone to make them fall in love. So when Meg and Hercules were at the fountain and Meg was starting to fall in love with him, she backed up to a cupid’s arrow and it symbolized her falling in love (59:36-59:45). Also, I want to mention that Hermes is the messenger of the gods. In the movie he delivered important news and also at the beginning he delivered flowers to Hera (3:35-3:40). People see Hercules as a hero. He is very heroic and successfully defeated his uncle Hades (42:52-1:33:36). Also, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save his

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