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In Greek mythology, there are crazy stories about Gods and Goddesses who ruled this Earth long before we ever existed. They created meanings, for they were the meanings.
They each had their own ability and something to offer to the world. One very strong and powerful Goddess was Hera, the wife of Zeus. Her husband Zeus shared the universe with his two brothers, but Zeus was the supreme ruler of it all. Hera was a queen who ruled by Zeus’ side. Zeus was Lord of the sky, the Rain God, and Cloud-gatherer. Hera was the Goddess of Marriage who was an advisor for married women. With Zeus’ power and Hera wisdom they appeared to be the perfect power couple. (2.) Long before Zeus and Hera became supreme rulers, they lived a very complicated life. Both Zeus and Hera shared parents, Titans Kronos and Rheia. Kronos however, feared losing his power. There was a prophecy that claimed one of Kronos’ children would overthrow him and take his power. Kronos dreaded the idea and came up with a solution to keep his power. Every time his wife beared a child, Kronos would eat it in attempt to cheat his fate. Rheia hated her husband for doing this because all she wanted in life was to become a mother and raise a child. When Rheia had her sixth child, she tricked Kronos into eating a rock so he thought he had eaten the child. Little did he know, …show more content…

Hera was broken and hurt, she didn’t want people to know and the only way to prevent this from getting out was to stay with Zeus. Hera was ashamed of what he did to her, so she stayed with him. She cared for Zeus but knew he wasn’t always faithful to her. Most of the time, he didn’t even try to hide it. Knowing that Hera was aware of his actions, Zeus was always reminding her that she was the most beautiful of his lovers. Their relationship was playful yet complex. While they were together, Hera was always plotting against him for the pain he had caused her.

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