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Hera: The God of Marriage and Birth
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life like a god or goddess back in the days where the Greek gods and goddesses had roamed the world? Hera was one of these goddesses and was a very interesting figure considering she was full of hatred, very vengeful, and jealous of anyone who got in her way. Hera was full of hatred. She let this get the best of her by starting a revolt against Zeus. Hera had drugged a drink and gave it to Zeus. Other people were involved in this, so she had these people take him to a couch and tie him up to it so he was unable to move. The gods in the revolt then had no idea what to do next and were conversing over it. One god though, named Briareus, had overheard this plan. Briareus was fond of Zeus since Zeus had saved him when he was in danger once, so he had decided to untie Zeus from the couch. Zeus then had reached for his thunderbolt while the gods and goddesses were begging for their lives. He did not do anything to those gods and goddesses involved, but he did hang Hera from the sky with golden chains and was not let down until she had swore she would never do such a thing again (“Hera”). You can tell that Hera really …show more content…

Zeus had a lot of affairs with different women, and this had made Hera incredibly mad so she would take revenge on the women and their children. One example of this would be with Hercules. Zeus had an affair with a woman named Alcmene. How he accomplished this was by disguising himself as Alcmene’s husband and had made love to her and impregnated her with Hercules. Hera found out and was enraged. She had then made a plan to get revenge. She had sent serpents to Hercules crib when he was asleep to bite him and kill him, but things didn't turn out as planned. Hercules grabbed the serpents and strangled them. This shows that Hera is willing to do anything to hurt the person who had hurt her in the littlest ways just to get back at

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