Zeus: The Great Zeus

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Jade Ginther
English 1
September 25
Ms. Salter. Zeus On the top of Mount Olympus lived the mighty Zeus. Zeus was the God of all gods. He was very powerful and he let nothing stand in his way. Zeus was the last son of Cronus and Rhea who were titans. He had two brothers, Poseidon and Hades, he also had 3 sisters, Hestia, Hera, and Demeter all of his siblings were older than him. When they all grew up Zeus married Hera, his own sister. It's said to be that their royal honeymoon lasted 300 years! They lived together on mount Olympus and had their own kids together. He had affairs with other women while he was with Hera and he had two wives before her which
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The lighting bolt was a gift from a Cyclopes. When Zeus threw his lighting bolt it shattered the mountains. Zeus usually wore a long clothed robe and a cloak, he was often sometimes nude. His crown was made with olive leaves he sometimes wore. Zeus's sacred animals were the eagle and the bull. He had many shrines and temples and statues in his honor as god. He is identified with his bird which is the eagle. He has his own tree with is the oak tree. A Pegasus would sometimes come into Olympus and would get Zeus's thunder bolts. His eagle would do the same thing for…show more content…
Instead he punished his wife sense she was the leader of the whole thing. He hung her from the heavens by her feet and he tortured her by hanging anvils by each of her feet. Hera hung there for four days. No one helped her because they were scared for their own lives and didn't want to upset Zeus. Even though Zeus tortured her, she still loved him. Zeus's favorite favorite daughter Athena was given the the Aegis. She was full-grown from his head. Athena was the only Olympian who was aloud to use Zeus's thunder bolts. His thunderbolts were his favorite weapon to use, which he loved to throw at people. Poseidon and Hermes were treated as conspirators by Zeus. They swore that they would never challenge his rule again. Zeus punished them by banishing them to the earth for one year. Zeus was so in love with himself that sometimes people got annoyed with him. Women caused him the most trouble cause. He had children with all of his wives. Sausage ate one of his wives while she was pregnant and he got splitting headache and a child came out of his head. He ate the wife cause it was told that any kids he had with that wife would come back and haunt
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